Sunday, July 26, 2009

Infra Dig: Apple to Microsoft: Our feelings are hurt!

While I was not privy to the phone call fielded by Kevin Turner, I’m going to assume it took place as follows (the Apple side of the conversation only):

Hello Microsoft,

We would like you to pull your ‘Laptop Hunter’ ads because, well, they are hurting our feelings.

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This article previously appeared in the July 2009 issue of The Interlocutor.

The Kindle Kerfuffle: Just rent a book?

One of the more distressing issues raised by the total recall of those books by was not the fact that they could do what they did – anyone who thought that purchasing wirelessly, and requiring a sync ever so often, was without a ‘red destruct button’, is a blithering idiot - but the fact that every book you purchased from them was rented…..(read more)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Innovation: HP Tech Forum & Expo 2009

As befits an $118 billion plus company, Hewlett-Packard Corporation, or HP, holds a Technology Forum every year, this year in beautiful Las Vegas Nevada.

I had the privilege of being invited as a member of the Social Media to this year’s event….(read more)

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This article previously appeared in the July 2009 issue of The Interlocutor.

Microsoft Windows 7 has RTM’d

The developers signed off on it, Steve Sinofsky likes it, Ballmer is doing cartwheels, and Bill Gates must be pleased.

Ladies and gentlemen, the best ever versions of the Microsoft Windows client, known as Microsoft Windows 7…(read more)

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Innovation: Symantec’s Norton Security Team

Prior to the release of Norton Internet Security 2009 in September of last year, and the subsequent release of the Norton 360 Suite, Symantec’s Norton products had such a reputation for bloat, resource hungriness, and being a general factor in system disorder, that most IT professionals had stopped recommending them for their consumer and SMB clients….(read more)

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This article previously appeared in the July 2009 issue of The Interlocutor.

Does Innovation Matter?

One of the most distressing things about the banking– and Wall Street-induced financial meltdown of the past year has been the perception that companies can reduce manpower indiscriminately, and automagically get themselves back to readiness for the forthcoming upturn.

That is a really crazy notion….(Read more)

The SmallBizWindows Verbatim Bluetooth Mouse Review

As notebook/laptops/netbooks get smaller, the usability of the trackpad goes down. Furthermore, some actions are just not as easily performed using a trackpad, for example playing Spider Solitaire. As a result, there has been a very good market in notebook mice, as evidenced by the sheer numbers of devices out there….(Read more)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Chrome OS? O oh, early success of Bing has Google running scared!!!

Being me is not easy!

In my blog post here, Bing: Be Afraid Google. Be very Afraid, I went against the grain and declared that the nonsensical and trite platitudes being mouthed by the Googlians was nothing more than fear.

In it, I posted one cool nugget: Google until now, has been able to distract Microsoft from coming after their cash cow, web search.

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*Battlefield Earth: you know the saying: It only took a billion monkeys thumping away at a billion typewriters a billion years to come up with that drivel. Which describes Microsoft’s web search strategy before Bing™.