Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

OLPC returns to Terra, decides to use Windows XP after all!

Last week, the news came down that the OLPC had decided to use Microsoft's Windows XP as one of the operating systems shipping with the system.

What a letdown for those folks looking to colonize the next generation of 3rd World inhabitants to satisfy their warped egos.

If the allegations made by a former OLPC drone Ivan Krstic are true, then Nicko is a real sick fucker!

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Win Neowin.net’s HDX Dragon

Neowin.net is one of the leading technology sites in Great Britain.

Indeed, the EU and globally!

Right now, you can win their HDX Dragon by following the simple rules devised by Neobond and the rest of the crew out there.

Good luck!

Light blogging the last few…

…and the next few as well!

Due to a move and going live on a new project, I have been virtually absent from blogging these past few weeks, except for taking advantage of this blog's inclusion in the HP/BuzzCorps.

When opportune, I shall endeavor to post on matters not to stale to blog.