Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Able Planet Clear Harmony Review

We have all seen those commercials/infomercials about noise canceling headphones all over the TV and in print.

Well, do not buy it.


The Able Planet NC1000CH Clear Harmony headphones with active noise cancellation handily beats it in performance, comfort, and cost.

I have been testing the Able Planet Clear Harmony active noise-canceling Headphones.

At the 2008 CES, I had the opportunity to try out the Able Planet Clear Harmony headphones, and I was impressed with two things: the clarity of the material being delivered me, and the very perceptible volume of the same material when active noise canceling was turned on. In fact, I had to do an audio double take between the Bose QuietComfort headphones and the Clear Harmony in order to make sure I was not being schniedered in any way.

Recently, I received the Clear Harmony to review.

As a frequent traveler, I wanted to see if the Clear Harmony could deliver on sound clarity and comfort on long trips. Secondarily, I also wanted to test for audio performance using home audio equipment for a follow-on review.


I enjoyed using the Able Planet Clear Harmony.

In this hotly contested field, it is surprising that the Able Planet Clear Harmony would be able to best a Bose product.

Then again, Able Planet has been in the business of providing superior hearing devices from its inception as a company providing hearing aids. The use of their patented LINX AUDIO™ technology no doubt gives them a great advantage over other manufacturers.

Based on my review of this product, and the very visible benefit to frequent travelers and businesses, I am awarding it the SmallBizVista.com Preferred award, and making it the recommended noise canceling headphone choice for our clients.

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