Monday, February 18, 2008

50 reasons to switch from Windows to OS X?


A better title should be:

A lost sheep’s ongoing struggle to stay relevant in this Internet age

In a post last week, on St. Valentine’s Day no less, Pirillo states his 50 reasons to switch from Windows (any version?) to OS X.

After getting past his preamble about neutrality, he delivers his thoughts.

Actually, we are supposed to take his thoughts as neutral, since, in his opening statements he declared his relationships with some sponsors.

Feel free to ingest a grain/several grains of salt with his recommendations.

I have taken it upon myself to provide a public service by attempting to debunk some of the outright errors, factual errors, product plugs, and gross misconceptions in his beliefs.

What did I find?

A few – total 5 good, true, or valid points.

Or 8%


The remainder: crap!

Mainly space filers to get to the magic half-century mark, and shameless product plugs.

He is true in his declaration that the article was not an Apple lovefest.

It was worse than that.

Without meaning to be invidious, the only thing I can say about the article is that he did his sponsors proud.

Read the entire article.

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