Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Microsoft wishlist 2008 - #1-6

This is my wishlist from Microsoft for 2008. Apart from #1, they are in no particular order.

1. Tell your own story! For the past several years, probably since the advent of the spate of antitrust lawsuits against it, Microsoft has let others tell spin The Microsoft Story.

As a result, the public gets information filtered through the biases of the storytellers, usually wrong, and almost always pushing some agenda.

The perception of failure those erroneous tales dump on successful products, and the dreadful stigma of that stench of failure rankles. For goodness sakes, every 0.01% market share gain by Firefox is greeted by shouts of joy, while the news a few days ago that Internet Explorer 7, or IE7, had become the dominant browser was hidden several levels deep!

What I want to see in 2008 is Microsoft being proactive with telling its story, become more aggressive in debunking stupid myths and downright untrue stories, and attempting to get back to loving the consumer side of its businesses.

I would also like to see the company re-engage Microsoft and Windows evangelism with renewed vigor and fervor, empowering committed evangelists and enthusiasts with the tools needed to battle the lies.

2. Participate in the 700 MHz auction.

3. Simplify the EULA.

4. Reduce CALs fees.

5. Sunset Windows XP and lower with the next release of Windows.

6. Definitely make a HUGE consumer marketing push.

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