Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Many thanks and Praises to the good Lord God for His Grace and goodwill to us all here on earth and everywhere where mankind resides in this and all other galaxies.

I would like to thank the following people, companies, and technologies that made 2007 exciting and aim to make 2008 even better.

My family, including my wife, Kehinde who has to put up with me on a daily basis, and my kids, John and Trevor.

My parents, siblings – Chris & Janet, Grace & Senu, Mary, Greg & Laide, Lucille, and their families.

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Happy 81st Birthday, Dad!

Best wishes, now and forever to the best dad ever.

I love you always

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OJ does it AGAIN!

Does OJ have no shame?

For goodness sakes, this moron stayed out of trouble just enough to cause fatal trouble for another entity!

Just now heard that Court TV kicked it.

After over twelve years of circling the drain, and rehashing old crap.

If only his latest escapade could been timeshifted back a couple of years, it would have helped Court TV stay alive another meaningless decade or so.

Damn you, Orenthal!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sony gets it....NOT!

This post by Robert McLaws on ineptitude of some Sony staffers just lays bare the core problems of the company: serious myopia from the heydays of the Walkman, the Compact Disc, and the original Playstation...

....resulting in the need for either the CEO there or his board to perform emergency recto-cranial extraction surgery on the current DNA of the entire company in order to remake the company.

I broke my leg

It took nearly 44 years, but I finally did it!

Yep, broke a bone!

I slipped on some ice, and broke a bone in my ankle this past Wednesday in Northern Colorado!

Just like that!

I thought it was just a bad (translated as ‘painful’) sprain, until, pain unbearable, I checked into the ER at Colorado Plains Medical Center, in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

The ER Nurse on duty, Leigh, took one look at me limping into the facility, asked me to stop right there, and fetched a wheelchair she deposited me into, and off for examination we went.

Taking off my boot – yes, I purchased two (2) new boots for the 30-hour trip, she said ‘ouch’ at the swollen ankle. Don, the MRI technician was tending the el-rayo-x devices, and took a few x-rays of my ankle irradiated me.

Dr. Ken Osgood was the ER hospitalist on duty. He took a look at the ankle, and informed me that I might have broken a bone, a view validated a few moments later when the x-rays were read.

“O crap”, said the normally cool John.

I cancelled the meetings scheduled for the rest of the day, in my head, and proceeded to hope for the best.


I will be in a hard boot for the next 6-7 weeks. (CES will be a severe pleasure this January!)

One thing you notice is that the attitude of a company’s CEO permeates his/her entire enterprise. If the CEO is a consummate professional, and focused on customer service, it shows, as everyone in the company will strive to deliver a level of satisfaction that would satisfy the CEO. Remember Home Depot during the Nardelli years? ‘Nuff said.

If the CEO is a narcissistic jerk, a two second interaction with his/her minions would reveal that right quick. The absurdly named ‘geniuses’ at Apple stores immediately come to mind.

Professionalism and an excellent level of patient care was what I received at Colorado Plains Medical Center.

Michael Anaya is the CEO of Colorado Plains Medical Center, and I would like to thank him and, by proxy, his entire staff; and also acknowledge and applaud them for the work they do in general, and the work they did on me in particular, when I was their patient.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


My new fav show, with me fallin' for both Sarah's (Yvonne Strahovski) deadliness and Ellie's (Sarah Lancaster) sweetness.

Adam Baldwin is a loon, and Ryan McPartlin (Captain Awesome) is killing the role of a surfer dude!

Best new show of 2007, IMO!

Game Changer: MIT OpenCourseWare



Expanding the market, and helping the world at the same time!

Goes to show that the most important contribution an institution of higher learning can make is not constantly begging for more endowments, but, ahem, actually teaching!

Props, MIT!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pinnacle Systems - a truly sorry company

December 2, 2007.

On the Pinnacle Systems website, you see that the estimated ship date for the Windows Vista version of the Pinnacle Instant DVD device/software bundle is May 2007.

Well, it is six months later.

No updates on the website, no information, nada!

Now tell me, what are the chances that I will,

  1. ever purchase anything from these clowns again, or
  2. recommend any of the wares they peddle to even my worst enemy?