Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Windows Consumer Experience Space I: Hardware

Last week I was at the Microsoft Windows Consumer Experience space in New York City.

At this event, primarily targeted at the consumer, as the name proclaims, I saw the directions being embarked upon by manufacturers in the notebook space and also in the gaming and all-in-one systems space.

My takeaway: watch out!

These systems represent the vanguard of a new thought process in delivering products in the PC space, with great design being in lockstep with engineering.

I demo-ed the following systems:

  • HP dv2500
  • HP dv9500
  • Gateway One
  • Dell Inspiron 1520/1521
  • Dell XPS 720
  • Dell XPS M1330
  • Sony Vaio CR
  • Sony Vaio SZ
  • Sony Vaio VGS-LS
  • Toshiba Satellite x205

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