Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A billion dollars gone bye-bye

Actually, $1.52 billion.

Just like that!

No chance of protracted settlement talks. No chance of a win in a drawn-out appeals process. No chance of a 40-60% payout.

What are we talking about?

In Re: Alcatel-Lucent vs. Microsoft.

Since the judge threw out the verdict, what next for Alcatel-Lucent?

According to an ALU company mouthpiece, “This reversal of the judge’s own pretrial and post-trial rulings is shocking and disturbing, especially since — after a three-week trial and four days of careful deliberation — the jury unanimously agreed with us”, and that Alcatel-Lucent intends to appeal.

Nice, meaningless words, Mary Lou. They just don’t carry any water.

How happy are Patty and Sergei today?

Nothing in the City of Lights could brighten their demeanor at all!

I have an idea: why don’t you guys create, market, and sell some innovatively great products for a change?

About the $1.52 billion?


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