Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Tafiti. Swahili for 'do research'.

Microsoft has just released Tafiti which is a site that “helps people use the Web for research that spans multiple queries and sessions by helping them visualize, store and share the result. “

Since Search is becoming increasingly specialized, across different user scenarios, vertical subject areas and entry points, Tafiti, which uses Silverlight for visualization, and the Windows Live Search engine, will blow you away in its functionality.

With Tafiti, after you enter a search query, you can do the following:

  • Drag interesting results to the shelf on the right. Each box on the shelf can be used to save a related set of results. Shelf contents can be saved and shared.
  • Use the carousel at the bottom left to do different types of searches (image, blog, etc.)
  • Visualize your results using the Tafiti Tree View.

In a short period before the public release of Tafiti that I have used the product, I am very impressed with several items:

  1. The User Interface. This is the best UI I have seen for search. Your search queries come alive! This is the (new) best use of Siverlight I have seen so far, and it does truly enrich your queries, and stimulates your massaging of the presented data to heretofore-unseen levels.
  2. Saved searches. Somebody bite me! This is a much better way of doing searches.
  3. Relevance of presented data. While preliminary, a comparative, albeit non-scientific search revealed that presented data was par with that other search engine.
  4. Speed. On steroids, for once a good thing.

How cool is that?

Tafiti is at www.tafiti.com

EDIT: Channel 10 has a first look video here. Pretty descriptive.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

AbsoluteVista moves to AbsoluteVista.com

AbsoluteVista is now hosted on Graffiti CMS and can be found at www.absolutevista.com.

We will continue to use the archives here.


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Friday, August 10, 2007

Nudist site sues Microsoft

Right on the heels of losing an identical case to Google and Amazon.com, online pornography site (name deleted) has turned right around and sued Microsoft.

Shouldn't there be some soft of moratorium on idiots bringing actions?

I hope whatever jurist is assigned to the case throws the book at these lowlifes, and please, please, send one of the company's officers to actual jail.

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This is the iPhone?

I just played with my 14-year old god-daughter Karyn’s iPhone, and I must tell you, as a Windows Vista™ and Microsoft technologies evangelist, I came away pissed!

Extremely, as well!

Are you joking?

This is it?

This is that great UI?

When I think of the masses of favorable ink heaped upon this device by the cognoscenti, I cannot help but think that Microsoft has to try another flava of Kool-Aid since St. Paulie seems to be able to sell shit to people who cannot tell shit from peanut butter and Microsoft, with better products, cannot seem to prime the marketing pump.

Again I ask: is this that great UI?

Gimmie a freakin’ break!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another Apple patchfest

While I was OTG, Apple had another OS X patch party.

This time, the update, dubbed 2007-007, was for 45 flaws in the OS.

45 flaws!

Isn't that like the entire total for all Windows Operating systems for this entire year or so?

Welcome to the real world, cattle!

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WindowsBlinds 6 beta

Stardock WindowsBlinds, and indeed the Object Desktop product has been for a while a most capable way of personalizing the Windows™ visual experience.

Not leaving well enough alone, Stardock has in beta the next release of Windows Blinds, version 6.

This new version is a gem, and my Dawg, Spencer Scott (Island Dog) has a preview video showing some of the cool features in WindowsBlinds 6 below.

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A billion dollars gone bye-bye

Actually, $1.52 billion.

Just like that!

No chance of protracted settlement talks. No chance of a win in a drawn-out appeals process. No chance of a 40-60% payout.

What are we talking about?

In Re: Alcatel-Lucent vs. Microsoft.

Since the judge threw out the verdict, what next for Alcatel-Lucent?

According to an ALU company mouthpiece, “This reversal of the judge’s own pretrial and post-trial rulings is shocking and disturbing, especially since — after a three-week trial and four days of careful deliberation — the jury unanimously agreed with us”, and that Alcatel-Lucent intends to appeal.

Nice, meaningless words, Mary Lou. They just don’t carry any water.

How happy are Patty and Sergei today?

Nothing in the City of Lights could brighten their demeanor at all!

I have an idea: why don’t you guys create, market, and sell some innovatively great products for a change?

About the $1.52 billion?


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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Microsoft FAM roundup

While I was OTG most of the past week and this week as well (hiding from Wifey to blog), Microsoft held its latest Financial Analysts Meeting or FAM in Microsoft-speak.

Tiernan Ray, in Barrons, has a roundup of observations from a number of analysts here.

Massachusetts (rightfully) selects OOXML

There are just waay too many snarky comments I could make here. However, since we are all adults, I’ll pass.

However, it is nice to see the government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, Governor, finally take charge of the impending morass they would have been subjected to if they had abided by the incredibly bizarre proclamation by Eric Kriss of the selection of ODF as the de facto standard for government documents.

Read on at John.Obeto on Microsoft on NetworkWorld.com