Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.0 released

WVHA v2.0 was released earlier today.

Baldwin Ng, a Supremo (PM) on the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment team has details about this version here.

In my post here, I touched on the availability of Windows Vista Hardware Assessment, a free tool from Microsoft that allows IT managers an incredibly detailed inventory of corporate (Windows) client computing assets, both hardware, and installed software.

Prior to the release of Windows Vista™, we at Logikworx had come up with a hardware baseline for delivering the Windows Vista AeroGlass’ experience to client desktops. After validating that baseline, we then proceeded to inventory all (yes, all!) our clients’ companies’ computers, no small task, as it was spread over several hundred clients.

Well, you don’t have to do the same.

WVHA eliminates the manual labor associated with having to physically visit each computer, since hardware configuration might have changed from the date of delivery and/or initial install.

I have been testing the release (GOLD) version of Windows Vista Hardware Assessment for the past few days.

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