Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The NBA Today

I guess Daffyd should not have been the Commandant of the Fashion Corps, assigning a zampolit to each team while he should have been watching his trusted and vigorously defended referees. While he was playing hall monitor, guess what? One of his 'trusted' was shaving points. Allegedly.

Actually, it was refreshing to see a properly chastened, non-smug, and non-arrogant Stern on the stage.

He spewed forth all the right platitudes, making all the required trite comments, all the while giving answers that were sufficiently vague in the information imparted.

This time though, everyone could see that this dude didn’t have answers, unlike when he deliberately goaded the fawning members of the mainstream sports press. You can still see the hero worship in all their articles today about Stern being on top of it* all.

However, something was…..amiss.

Despite the smugness being wiped off the face of Dave, he still exhibited his foppish stubbornness, proclaiming that he ‘felt’ betrayed by the act of the lone gunman criminal, and that he stands by his referees.


Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me, David Stern?

Listen up, you idiot!

This happened on your watch, you sphincter!

Your vaunted referees, you gnome!

To crown it all, you said you did not know about this fiasco until June 20? For that incompetence alone, you deserve to be fired!

You took your peepholes off the ball, punk, and set them on the players, you dope!

For goodness sakes, you became a fashionista (or whatever the male term is) and started policing clothing, you moron!

WFT? You took the NBA security staff off what was important to start measuring hemlines, eh Davie?

Why didn’t you catch it? It took the FBI to do it?

I am doubly pissed that the FBI had to divert resources from protecting our country to do your job for you, you ingrate!

Can you imagine what the fallout would be if more refs were involved in this mess?

Can you, ‘D’?

Now you are sitting there all puckered wandering what those willing-to-be-dominated sybarites may be forced to do to you.

Shut the f*** up and go away. Silently, too, you Napoleon-complexed knave!

Still though, it was worth it to see that A-O without his smug visage for once.

*A couple of examples I read and heard were two idiotic writers, one at ESPN and another at FoxSports, both profess their faith in Stern, and are ready to give him a pass!

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