Sunday, July 01, 2007

Microsoft purchases 2 data centers

Microsoft purchased two adjacent data centers in Santa Clara, California, from Savvis for $200 million USD.

Seems they had been using the facilities and decided to just plop for them rather than just rent.

The current CEO of Savvis, Phil Koen, says that the transaction is "great for the firm and customers".

Jeff Von Deylen, the CFO, chimes in that, "Over the next twelve months we expect to reinvest the proceeds in initiatives including selected data center expansions and potential network enhancements".

All very niiice.

I hope they keep to it!

Hopefully, we're not going to get a replay of the SCORES/AMEX/Savvis $241,000 lapdance saga!

I really don't need to burst open a fishwrap and read about Phillip or Jeffrey running the corporate card up on some NYC skanks!

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