Monday, July 16, 2007

I played with a Phenom!


How I was exposed as that most superficial of gamers: The Console Collector.

At the AMD consumer briefing last Friday (July 13) in Hollywood, I got to play with an AMD Phenom-based system.

Loaded with 4 GB of RAM, dual AMD 2900 512MB video cards, the quad-core system represented the state of the art in gaming and performance.

Ian McNaughton of AMD was taking this amazing new (Midway) game, called Stranglehold through its paces. Directed by John Woo, and starring an on-screen visage of Chow Yun-Fat, this game allows, indeed, it requires that you blast everything in sight.

It was all good.....until he (Ian) asked me to take over game play.

Where I promptly froze!

Oh well, as my friend Manni always says: He who dies with the most toys, wins.

So there!

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