Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gamer kidnapped for his online password?

Every day, the worldview gets bleaker, as more signs that the end of the world is fast approaching are revealed.

Otherwise, how would you account for this 'gem' of a story?

In Brazil, a top gamer for GunBound is kidnapped and held for five (5) hours by his abductors who want to get his GunBound password in order to sell it for the equivalence of $8000 USD.

This moron, the world's #1 in GunBound resisted, yes, resisted, despite having his imbecilic kidnapper place a gun to the abductees's head for the entire time.

Just who is the bigger idiot?

The brain-addled, pistol-wielding nutjob, or his equally whacko prey, who wouldn't give up a password at gunpoint?

Loser, it is a freakin' game!

To paraphrase Meg Marco:

Apparently, the idiot victim is some sort of role-playing computer gamer. He seems well regarded among his own kind.

Go figure!

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