Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ReadyBoost & flash memory

Only USB Flash drives currently work for ReadyBoost use. This means that flash card readers, multimedia or memory cards such as SD, MemoryStick, MMC, and so forth--which also typically work through card readers of one kind or another—won't support ReadyBoost. That's true even if the media is fast enough to meet ReadyBoost read/write speed requirements.

What is wrong with the above statement?

It is plain wrong!

Reading CRN.com a few minutes ago, I came across this statement by a supposed expert.

Are you kidding', Eddie?

Homie, how did you come up with that assertion?

Did you just make it up, Eddye?

As I have ReadyBoost working on a 1 GB CF card, and on a 2GB SD card on two Windows Vista™ systems: a desktop, and a laptop.

1 GB Compact Flash card being discovered by Windows Vista™

The config screen for the CF card.

2 GB SD card being discovered.

2 GB SD card config.

To make Eduardo's allegations even more absurd, I took the 1 GB MicroSD card out of my HTC Excalibur, inserted it into an SD adapter, and guess what?

It worked!

1 GB MicroSD card (in the included SD adaptor) discovered by Windows Vista™.

It might be a good idea for you to troff off to the nearest mega-mart and purchase some flash memory; it will surprise you!

For an article presumably about ReadyBoost, dude, you either didn't do your homework, or you haven't a clue about what you're supposed to be an expert in!


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