Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off-Point: Cultural Differences

One of the sites I have on my feed list is The Consumerist.

Ben Popken and Meghann Marco have got to be two of the wittiest writers online as any reader of their site would attest.

In a past post regarding a supposedly fake Conor Oberst guitar sold by Costco, Meghann described Oberst as: Apparently, Conor Oberst is some kind of music-making person. He seems very well regarded among his own kind.

I mean, is that droll or what?

BTW, Costco was absolved of any fraud since they did have a real Conor Oberst guitar and were selling it; the single guitar.

Their latest, IMO?

Ice Cucumber Pepsi.

Due to cultural differences, this flavor is available only in Japan.

However a Westerner who tried it described the taste as 'satan in his mouth'.

Pretty knurly, eh?

Bookmark them.

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