Friday, June 01, 2007

Is CRN trying to go the InfoWorld way?

For a while now, CRN seems to have hopelessly lost its way.

Formerly required reading for VARs, solution providers, and (IT) industry luminaries, CRN, in the last few seems to have overindulged in the myth of open source, and totally forgot about their ultimate customers, the endusers.

Any reader of the magazine these past few years would have seen a transition from a glossy focused on resellers/solution providers delivering the best solutions, to one seemingly held hostage to that vocal minority of resellers hell bent on wringing the very last sum of money from unsuspecting clients in the name of services.

What brings this to mind?

A so-called study finding that Windows Vista ™ is no more secure than Windows XP™.


Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me?

I skimmed quickly through the article for the punchline, and or to find the methodology use to formulate those absurd assertions.

Nothing satisfactory.

Note: Looking at my feedreader, I see Ars Technica has already posted on the article.

Since they beat me to the punch with a pretty detailed article, I will keep still for a moment.

Still, you have to wonder who is minding the store there.

I wonder why executive management at the parent company does not put a smackdown on these yum-yums due to falling readership.

Brings me back to the headline question:

"Will CRN become the next Infoworld?"

And fade into irrelevancy?

What a shame!

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