Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How to disqualify American workers order to hire lower-paid, subliminally-indentured foreign workers.

This video crystallizes what I have long suspected: the some employers were subverting the H-1B process to the detriment of American workers.

This is a shame!

IANAL, however it seems to me that the criminality of these conspiracies are very evident.

If the subversion of the is true, and this video no doubt proves it, then, at the very least, there should be criminal proceedings brought against not just the developers and purveyors of schemes aimed at performing this injustice, but also hold their clients, the very companies that scream out continually for H-1B visas liable for prosecution as well, with jail sentences for the convicted.

For goodness sakes, there are lots of eminently qualified American citizens who have been denied jobs just so a company can pad it's earnings reports!

The 'nads on these people is unreal!

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