Saturday, June 09, 2007

419 letter from a Spaniard!

I hope this puts to rest the myth that all Penal Code 419 letters are from Nigeria!

This Spaniard wants to 'help' me out (click on image to enlarge/read):

Since I don't sprechen any EspaƱol, I have to say, "Non, Nein, Nyet, Hey-yey, No, Nada."

Does this ever stop?


Anglicanadrift said...

El hombre habla en serio, solo quiere ayudarte! (The man is sincere, he's only trying to help you out.)

Anonymous said...

This Letter is not writed by a spanird. It use gramatical forms from english. Maybe is writted in spanish but not from a spaniard. Of that I ´m sure because Iam from Spain.