Monday, May 21, 2007

Intel 'being Intel'

On the TV newsmagazine 60 minutes yesterday, Nicholas Negroponte* slammed Intel for trying to derail his OLPC since he didn't use their CPU.

Well, he should have asked AMD about the temperature before he stepped into that kitchen.

You would think, with all the chips Intel makes, especially the ones it obsoletes ever so often, that it would have a warehouse full of chips somewhere it could have donated to the effort.

But, no!

It (Intel) decided to do the usual and send comparative papers to governments slamming the OLPC.

I'm guessing this is how only the paranoid survive!

Thankfully, AMD has been fighting the good fight since, like forever, for all consumers, and with them in his corner, Nicholas shouldn't have any fear: they've got his back!


Is this a positional shift on my part with regards to the OLPC?

Heck, no!

While I still think the OLPC, in this initial iteration is a piece of sh*t, and a disaster for all those idiots that have ordered copies, especially the morons in the government of Nigeria who think it is a good idea, I want it to fail, as it surely must, under its own OS, and help Negroponte get over his hubris with himself.

* Negroponte made a glaring error when he described Nigeria as having 50% of all school-age children out of school. He must be on crack! Or thinking of another country.

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