Monday, May 21, 2007

Gmail, Web History, and Feedburner

When is enough, you know, enough?

Gmail, Web History, now a rumored purchase of Feedburner?

How much of your life do you want in the hands of Google?

First there was Gmail. Active search(ing) of your email and conversations. In the initial iteration, there wasn’t any way to delete prior emails/conversations.

How insidious an idea did I think it was?

I fled!

And only use it for bugmenot mail.

Am I the only one who thought Web History or whatever that dreck is called was a ‘bad idea’?

In fact, it was, IMO, the Mother of All Bad Ideas in the history of privacy on the nascent World Wide Web.

Your entire web history is searchable form for Google to monetize, and invariably with PIIs (personally-identifiable information).

Are you kiddin’?

Now comes the rumors that Feedburner is about to be acquired by GOOG.

Errr, NO!

I don’t know about you, but the thoughts of my feedlist, my emails, and my web history in the arms of one company brings shivers along my spine when I think of how precisely I can be targeted

Vote no on this one!


thabenksta said...

Well, your blog posts are already under their control ;)

I'm just curious, what email service to you use?

John Obeto said...

I use Exchange and HoTMaiL