Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fay who?

Fay Vincent?

It is one thing for baseball great Hank Aaron to talk about shunning Barry Bonds' breaking of his record.

It is quite another matter for Bud 'Sleeping Ugly" Selig to waffle on the same issue. After all, it sorta happened on his watch.

However, it is way past infra dig for Fay Vincent to flap his gums at this issue.

Fay Vincent?

I know, "Just who the fu*k is Fay Vincent?"

Well he is the flunky who ascended to being the commish of baseball after the untimely death of his master, A Bartlett Giamatti in 1989.

Fay who?

The same asswipe who was unceremoniously dumped from office after a no-confidence vote by owners even before the end of Giamatti's term.

That is the Fay Vincent who suddenly grew balls and found his vocal cords work.

Hey, Vinnie!

Shut the fu*k up and go away.

If Selig didn't need your advice back then, que?

Thank you, and go away already!


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