Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Can Schilling shut up?

Could one of the Chouds get Curt Schilling to shut the fuck up?

How niiiice of him to try to deflect his painting of his socks* during the World Series in order to get more jack from (unknowing?) advertisers by bringing in Barry Bonds!

What an a-asshole!

What is worse: being accused about steroids or faking a bloody sock* in order to gain sympathy?

Get the fuck out of here, you idiot.

Despite your sanctimonious stance, you were a worse cheat that all steroid jocks put together.


Dowg, your 15 minutes is like, you know, waaaaaay over!

Now you're Playa' Hatin'?

Eat shit and fade away, Rat-bastard!

EDITED: May 9, 2007, 3.47 pm. There are news reports that Schilling apologized to Bonds on his blog. Well, Curt, fuck you for not having the balls to call and apologize to him personally. I guess you're too busy painting another sock* planning another media event to prolong your new found 15 seconds of fame. Turn the page already!


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