Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trying out Community Server

I've been blogging using Blogger externally for the past few.

Which is a great departure from our internal use of MOSS 2007, and Microsoft technologies.

I wanted to use an ASP.NET program, and looking to evaluate Community Server and DotNetNuke.

Robert McLaws of - the same brain behind the old Longhorn Blogs -  recommended Community Server.

I have been trying to vet CS with webserf over the past few weeks, and I tell you, the older one gets, the harder it takes to learn sh*t.

I'm still on it, but I need a script to transfer my blog posts from Blogger, using their service - not FTP - to CS



Rob said...

Hey John -- Rob Howard here from Telligent. Let us know if you have problems with Community Server, my email is

John Obeto said...

Thanks, Rob.

I will save it for a day when I really need it, and not bother you with minutiae.

Much respect to you!