Thursday, April 19, 2007

School Lockdown in Small Town America

I live in rural, OK, semi-rural, America where you can leave the front door unlocked.


I don't!


Life is somewhat idyllic, I only have to commute to LA as needed, and the air is always fresh and nice.

Until today.

Getting out of a meeting, I see a missed call from my older son's school.

Thinking that he has schneidered them into keeping him awake so I will have to pick him up at noon - ending my business day, I call the school back.

I'm out of town, I start to say, but I am interrupted by the following words:

"We are on lockdown," I am told.

Are you fu*kin' kiddin' me?

In this 2-horse town?

After calming down, I ask if  he can be picked up. I am told we can, but there are three police cruisers at the school, of which one is from the California Highway Patrol.

Furthermore, the threat is not against his school specifically, but a general one for the two adjourning counties.

To say I am stunned is like a freakin' understatement.

The news channels detail that a suicidal meth-head loser with an AK47 made threats to his padre in church, and on his MySpace page, and that is what has the community rattled.

Just WTF is going on in America today?

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