Tuesday, April 24, 2007



Are you freakin' kiddin'?

In this Computerworld.com article, Dave Harrold, a lead systems administrator for a health care provider that he asked not be named is fretting about the end-of-(vendor) life of the OpenVMS operating system.

The company has four AlphaServers with 32 processors each that support Cerner Corp.’s Millennium medical applications.

Harrold said Cerner would like his company to move to HP-UX, Hewlett-Packard’s version of Unix, running on Itanium-based servers.

But he noted that he and other IT staffers aren’t familiar with HP-UX and that moving to it would require a database upgrade from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g.

For any migration to a different platform, “there isn’t a seamless path,” Harrold said.

Just how many things are wrong with this dolt's statement. Not to mention his company's position on preserving a dead system architecture.

Harry, AlphaServers and Alpha processors are D-I-D, DEAD, you moron!

You and IT staffers are not familiar with HP-UX? That is what schools are for, you freak!

I cannot imagine why everyone at his company starting from old Harry above shouldn't be summarily fired for dereliction of duty, and drawing a paycheck.

The CEO head monkey in that zoo should also be banned from heading a company with a payroll greater than one!

DEC's VMS was ported to Alpha back in 1991, for goodness sakes, dum-dum!

Also hasn't it been like ten years since Compaq purchased DEC?

This idiot and his crew have been feeding at the iron rice bowl of VMS for quite a while.

And you wonder why healthcare costs are so high?

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paul.anderson said...

Do you not realize that OpenVMS is more reliable, more secure and has a lower cost of ownership than any other operating system? Why should this "dolt", as you call him, want to retrain and move to a UNIX solution when customers such as himself are perfectly happy with OpenVMS?