Friday, April 27, 2007

OLPC now at $175

Don't look now, but the Wanker PC is now going to cost 75% more than originally stated.

Yes, not a typo. 75% more.

How did we get here?

When you have Ivory Tower-types making decisions best left to those in the real world, sh*t happens.

Coming up with a totally new paradigm to re-colonize the 3rd World instead of helping them compete in today's world.

They were able to get a few governments, including my ancestral country, Nigeria, and believe it or not, Brazil, to fall for the crap that this was the way.

How, in the real world, and in electronics, do you get a 75% cost overrun?

However, according, to the head monkey for OLPC, costs should drop 25% after the first year.

Is that so, Nick?

From $175.00 to $131?

Or to 75% of $140. Which, at $105, is still $5.00 more than you sold the project to those poor schlubs in those 3rd World countries.

Or is it to $75?

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