Monday, April 16, 2007

The Linux Desktop


You've just got to pity those poor folks who got together and anointed Linux as the Second Coming!

Again and again, those clowns have, "Waited like those who watch for the morning,"* longer than those waiting for Godot.

Unfortunately, a lot of glossies in the IT space seem to have forgotten that it is not about their personal tastes, but about what

  1. What the customer wants, and
  2. What is best for the customer.

As a result, they are finding a hard time remaining relevant in this Internet age, where information is really, truly is at your fingertips**. In fact the landscape is littered with the debris of formerly-relevant tomes, most recently the late, lamented InfoWorld.

Yet editors, and writers, totally bereft of new ideas to help their readership, continue to spew forth crap about the advent of Linux, now in its umpteenth year.

The latest idiocy is at CRN, and, where an inordinate and totally disproportionate amount of ink is devoted to Linux, the latest of which is an article I read last weekend asking, "Linux Desktop: Boom or Bust? "

Hope springs eternal?

Are you freakin' kiddin' me?

What a bunch of yum-yums!

Actually egging VARs to schneider clients into drinking the (poisoned, IMO) Linux Kool-Aid!!!

A reader of CRN for nearly two decades, I would be definitely saddened by the demise of such a glossy, since this is leading VARs down the proverbial primrose path.

Incidentally, CRN has just undergone a restructuring, slimming down from the tabloid-sized huge read of days ago to a quarto-sized half-pint.

You think they would have learned a lesson.

*Psalm 130, The Holy Bible, KJV.

** Bill Gates.

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