Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In praise of Intel's PR department

If there ever was an award to be given for the best PR in this (the IT) business, it has got to be given to TASS the crew at Intel's PR department.

For several days, even weeks, now, Intel has been on a PR offensive.

A very stealthy PR offensive!

The beauty of this offensive is that the cattle media being led around by their virtual nose-rings have no clue that they are being used in such a subdulous manner.

And a pretty effective PR offensive if you tabulate the inordinate amount of ink devoted not just to the anointing of Penryn, but also to the travails of AMD.

In fact, it is to the latter that this praise-post is directed.

What prompted it?

Reading somewhere in the blogosphere about the impending demise of AMD.

Totally reminiscent of absurd articles in that late, unlamented CCCP/CPSU party organ, Pravda, this kind of crazy-talk disguised as ‘research’ is just the sort of crap one used to hear about in that fishwrap.

This time though, the dumbkopf who wrote the ‘research paper’ has outed himself as an apparatchik of the Zampolit in that PR department.

Is it just me, or isn’t this a total rehash of the same rumors a few years ago, before the release of the Opteron? (And we know what happened subsequently!)

Which was also a total rehash of the same rumors a decade before that during the epic math coprocessor wars? (And we also know what happened subsequently!)

Methinks history is about to repeat itself here, and there is foreboding in Santa Clara.

However, in closing, I must press upon AMD the need to come out firing on all barrels not just at the intro of Barcelona, but to direct fusillade upon fusillade of cogent, coherent information on the public in order to correct this FUD blogorhea.

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