Wednesday, April 25, 2007


When do we get to say, "Nyet"?

When is enough, you know, enough?

Minding my own business reading the news online, I come across the news that Amiga, Inc, is planning to deliver two systems this year.

Intrigued, I read further, and find out that the systems are will be powered by a PowerPC chip.

PowerPC chip?

Even AAPL jumped off that boat.

That's not all.

Trip this quote from the 'software partner' of Amiga Inc.:

"I have been working on these designs with Amiga for almost 12 months and have been able to create two new designs that will fully support the needs and desires of today's Amiga user, while opening the doors for new users, said Adam Kowalczyk, president of ACK Software Controls, Inc., in a statement.

I had to check the website again to see that someone wasn't yankin' me!

Today's Amiga user?

Are we living in a time warp or some other reality distortion field?


Some droid is still tooling around in an Amiga rig in 2K7?

This is taking nostalgia waaaay too far!

Also, there are enough users out there that these guys can create an updated Amiga OS, and make coins selling it to them?

I don't know what is scarier: the fact that there are enough users out there for these yum-yums to create a new Amiga, or that the Amiga thinks there are 'new users' out there!

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