Thursday, April 26, 2007

$4.93 billion profit? I sneeze at you!

The gall of Microsoft!

Trying to schneider us by unveiling this sorta weak earnings report.

Revenues of $14.4 billion? Pfui!

Operating income of $6.59 billion? So?

Net income: $4.93 billion? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Net cash flow of $7.29 billion? Booooring!

Returned $7.72 billion to shareholders? Why not?

Look at the FY numbers, real and projected - FY ends June 30, and see if it moves you:

Revenue $56.5-$57.5, operating income from $22.0-$22.5, all in the billions.

So what?

The revenue/income ratio is only 34.34%, OK? You guys were only able to get income of 34 cents on the dollar? That is just weak!

For reference, we will examine the results of that current media darling, AAPL.

For their 2QFY2007, the loops at 1, Infinite loop reported the following:

Sales of $5.26 billion, with net earnings of $770 million. Or a revenue to income ratio of 14.63%. Sweet, eh?

And Microsoft is giddy with their results?

For goodness sakes, Redmond! Shake yourselves!

All Apple has to do is drive quarterly revenue to $33.664 billion in order to get the same $4.93 billion profit you have.

Or have net income of $1.80 billion in order to match your revenue/income ratio of 34.24%.

For this Liddell, Turner, Ballmer, and Bill G. are happy?

Pfft, please!

I guess that analyst prognosticator was right: you guys are barely hanging on.

*All amounts in US dollars.

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