Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Xbox 360 Elite!

Microsoft has released the Xbox 360 I had been waiting for, but didn't know it: the Xbox 360 Elite.

In Black, thank you!

Brandon LeBlanc, the Sidebar Geek, has ongoing coverage, from several sources on this event, from a video at the Channel 10 website, On 10, to pictures from Major Nelson, to the official Microsoft press release.

Suffice it to say that I am looking askance at my current Xbox 360, and trying to see which of my juvenile relatives deserves it.

Also being contemplated is how I would have to bamboozle persuade Wifey of my need for this Xbox 360 Elite without have to resort to the subterfuge of purchasing it and sending it to myself as a 'gift' from a satisfied client.

My only concern is that there was no word of the HD DVD player option in the new color as well.

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