Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Windows Live on Lenovo systems

They have seen the Light Live!

Lenovo, the #3 PC manufacturer, has inked a deal with Microsoft to ship its systems with the Windows Live Toolbar, and as the start page of all systems.

The move for Lenovo to from the former sparse page will allow for greater customization of the start page by Lenovo, and their customers., for the 3 people on Terra who do not know, allows an infinite number of customization options including gadgets, RSS feeds, and mail.

I also see deals of this sort help the fortunes of other Live properties, which is 'A Good Thing', since I consume virtually all of the Windows Live products on a daily basis, including but not limited to Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail Desktop, Windows Live writer, Windows Live QnA, Windows Live Expo, etc.

This is a big blow to those those search philistines who owned the space with this vendor before.

Congratulations to the Bruce Kasrel and the Windows Live team for this very auspicious start to the hopeful flood of similar deals.

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