Thursday, March 01, 2007

UAC can be hijacked by social engineering

What is it with Symantec nowadays?

Could it be that they correctly foresee a dwindling in their fortunes with the 1-2-3 punch of Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Internet Explorer v7, and Windows Live OneCare?

For days now, they have been sounding the horn over minutiae in Windows Vista's security blanket.

Yesterday, it was the architecture. Before that, Windows Live OneCare.

Today, it is UAC, as User Access Control is generally known, is the subject of another unfair attack by Symantec.

A report of supposed research by another faceless drone at Symantec declares that Vista's UAC can be compromised by a 'social engineering' attack.

Pray tell, what OS isn't prey to such an attack?

What a stupid stream of FUD by a formerly relevant company. And one headed by a Brotha' no less!

Is this how good companies start their death spiral?

A shame.

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