Saturday, March 10, 2007

Intel CEO: We'll wait for Vista SP1

That has got to be the most stupid statement coming from the piehole of a Fortune 500 CEO for a long while!

Also, from Intel?

For a company which is supposed to be this great company, now you know why they stumbled that greatly and for so long, Dell notwithstanding.

Wait for Vista SP1?

Still a lot of media ho's carried the news, treating is a some sort of validation of their position.

I'm afraid not only is the point missed, but the stupidity of Otellini's statement is missed as well.

Is this the way you treat your best software partner? Does this yum-yum think that the 4% Linux, and 3% OS X market share can take him there? Forgot, AMD had the greater Linix market share as well.

Robert McLaws, of, skillfully dissects the Intel position in a rejoinder to Otellini's moronic statement, and provides the text of a memo from AMD Executive VP Henri Richard exhorting his troops to move to Vista post haste.

For goodness sakes, if Robert, myself, and several thousand other people could have had over 2 years to test Vista, where were the yobs at Intel whose CPUs were targeted by Vista as well?

Intel is waiting for Vista SP1?

I hate to tell Paulie this, but by that time, AMD would have released Barcelona. And if estimates are to be believed, and I don't see why not, what platform do you think would be hot during the Christmas/end-of-year buying season?

In the same vein, what company's products do you think I would be recommending to clients, family, and friends?

Certainly not the company whose boss does not have enough confidence it his own IT department's ability to support Vista today.

Can you say, AMD?

Here's looking at my next desktop, with a 2-socket Barcelona solution for a total of 8 cores come Q3 of 2K7!

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