Friday, March 30, 2007

InfoWorld print edition, R.I.P.

It is always a shame when a formerly relevant glossy goes tits-up.

It is especially galling when you helplessly watched the decline of the same without your words of warning being heeded.

InfoWorld is one such magazine.

For the nearly two decades since I started reading it, InfoWorld was, with the old PC Week, one of those technology weeklies I couldn't wait to get a read of.

However, in the last few years, it, including most of the, ahem, mainstream, IT press seem to have lost their way.

They abandoned reality by:

  1. Pandering to the Linux noisemakers by writing articles totally disproportional to the market share of Linux.
  2. Declared open source the panacea for software, as if that crew, and open source alone, was responsible for all innovation.
  3. Deserted their reader base of Windows users by coming up with nonsensical alternatives to Windows.

For goodness sakes, their former CTO openly advocated the use of a Macbook and xServe as enterprise products.

Users fled, and advertisers stayed away, each constituency voting with the tools available to them.

Unfortunate, but, there you go.

I can only hope that the remaking mainstream IT glossies learn from InfoWorld's demise and not fall prey to the Siren Song that is Linux/open source to their own detriment.

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