Friday, March 02, 2007

Epocrates software works on Vista

Apparently, it worked all the time.

Pursuant to my blog entry here, I received an email from Erica Sniad of the Epocrates team informing me of that fact and also of the reason why the email was sent out to their subscribers.

While I'm still somewhat miffed that the email was sent out at all, I must applaud them for taking the high road and declaring an upgrade verboten until they were sure everything worked.

After all, the information contained in their software concerned lives and health.

A redacted view of the email is supplied below.

Hello John,

Since you and your blog community have shown interest in this issue, we wanted to let you know that all Epocrates products (Palm OS and Windows Mobile) are compatible with the Windows Vista operating system

For Palm devices, our initial testing appeared to show problems, and we elected to take the conservative route and recommend that users delay upgrading. However, after more extensive testing, we are confident that the vast majority of users will have no problems installing and syncing Palm devices with Windows Vista systems. Users can refer to Epocrates’ Support page for more details.

Accordingly, I will upgrade my copy of Epocrates this weekend, and upon finding no errors, will advise my clients to do so in a flash communiqué to be sent out on Monday, March 5th.

Thanks to you, Erica Sniad, and the Epocrates team for resolving this issue.

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