Saturday, March 31, 2007

Apple TV?

Mike Torres just loves Apple TV.

From his blog:

The interface looks like a weak version of Media Center and the video quality was so poor I couldn't even make out Capt. Jack Sparrow's grin in Pirates from less than a few feet away from the TV.


If you want to know what the picture quality is like, do a couple Tequila shots, spin around a few times, bang your head against the floor, and then watch broadcast TV on an old 19" JVC.  Don't skip a step.

More here.

Makes you wonder what Mossberg and the other media ho's were thinking about when they wrote their puff pieces.

Actually I know what they need done: emergency recto-cranial de-insertion surgery in order to facilitate blood flow to their addled brains!

Original link from Ed Bott's Windows Expertise.

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