Monday, February 12, 2007

Windows Home Server

The Microsoft Windows Home Server group is about to open this wonderful new experience to a larger group.

As a current beta tester, I can assure you that it is such a required product for multiple-PC homes that it's obviousness should have smacked the powers-that-be at Microsoft square on the forehead before now!

Anyway, the link to register for an invite is here. (Connect account and Windows Live ID required)

My friend Mauricio Freitas, Editor and founder of Geekzone, and a Microsoft MVP for mobile devices, has a couple of nuggets for prospective testers:

  1. Read the manual. For this device more than at any other time, and also because,
  2. It reformats ALL hard drives connected to the server, since the Windows Home Server is a dedicated device.

Thanks Mauricio.

Remember, this device is headless, and just does assigned tasks.

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