Thursday, February 08, 2007

The end of (the Live) branding madness

A while back, Microsoft decided to rename Hotmail, that most-used of all email services in the known universe, Windows Live Mail.


This was at a time when the adults were more concerned with bigger fish and the kids were allowed to play with scissors.

Now, thankfully, that is reversed.

Windows Live Mail will henceforth be called Windows Live Hotmail, leveraging the humongous amount of brand capital in the name.

Also helping the ginormous numbers of spammers continue plying their trade.

BTW, the adults reach into Windows Live continues, with the absurdly-named Windows Live Local being renamed Windows Live Maps.

Thanks, adults.

Edit: I see I'm not alone: Mary Jo Foley, Sidebar Geek, and Dare Obasanjo all concur.

The announcement is here.

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