Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dell to sell Linux on systems

If Mikey thinks that this is the way to get back on top maintain #2, he is sorely mistaken.

According to the number of yobs posting on the Dell Ideastorm web site, Linux, instead of crapware-free Windows installs, seems to be the numero uno problem users have with his systems.

Mick, step away from that IT crack pipe and shake the wax offa your head! OK?

If you take that totally unscientific sampling as gospel, what you will find out, to the detriment of DELL holders, is that you have just been had by the most vocal group of biped a$$wipes on Terra.

Listen Mike, what you need to do, is meet with forward thinkers, internal to Dell and without, and create an extraordinary OOBE for your users.

And I don't mean the crap loaded on your systems for a vig from the companies. All those time-bombed pieces of crap just serve to piss users off. Not to mention the 3-versions late software as well.

What you want to do is get Bruce Kasrel and the Live group from Microsoft to deliver an experience worthy of your name. And it is your name on the company, Mikhail!

And make those vendors give your users a year's worth of software for placement with your users. If they believe in their products, then they should believe that there is enough of a valueadd in their products for users to re-up at the end of a year.

Right now, what separates you from anyone else?

  1. Everyone else is also as cheap.
  2. You all deliver the same crappy sales experience.
  3. Your customer service does a disservice to the phrase.
  4. And your technical support is both useless and utterly incompetent.

So just what is your differentiator?

The pittance you get from each crapware vendor cannot be worth the dilution to your brand, Mickey!

As for the default installs, remember, Windows Vista. And with a concession to your software ho's, add a menu asking users if they want the software installed on their systems. Give them the option to install the crap.

BTW, you would find out that after the 10,000 or so Linux fans who might order from you, the spigot would dry up; then what are you going to do? What about the investment in certifying your systems for Linux? For what amounts to less than a rounding error?

There is a reason Linux has 1.5% or so of client computers: outside of the IT 'ivory towers': no one, but no one, gives a fu*k about it. They want Linux, have them do what what they have done so far, download, compile and whatnot.

Please return to the astute guy who ran PCs Limited, and please, pretty please, don't pick up the stupid Linux crystal meth that Linux fanboi is trying to get you to smoke or whatever they do with that illegal substance.

If not, Dude, nobody will be getting a Dell!

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