Thursday, November 09, 2006

Windows Live Mail Desktop & DEP

Well, Data Execution Protection, DEP, is no friend of the Windows Live Mail Desktop (or is it Windows Live Mail Center?) client.

For the past several Vista builds, WLMD has only been able to stay up, no pun intended, for about a minute, at best, on the test rigs at Unimatrix Zero-1 with hardware DEP capabilities.

This morning, I finally, in complete exasperation, disabled DEP for my Vista session, and voilĂ , WLMD, build 8.0.1083, works!

In fact 45 minutes have passed since I rebooted and no crash from the program.


  • I had to disable DEP for my sessions on this rig since Vista would not allow selective disabling of DEP for WLMD only
  • In the past couple of builds, Windows Live Mail Desktop has become a TSR, (Terminate & Stay Resident program)? Why? And why isn't there an option to stop that behavior?

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