Sunday, November 05, 2006

Who asked you, David Stern?

In the news was this titbit about NBA commissioner Stern having an opinion about the WADA and Floyd Landis.

Who asked your opinion on drugs, Davey?

Er, do you have an opinion of the armed force you call your players?

Better yet, why don't you fix that annoyance called the NBA Store?

I placed an order at the NBA store for the 3 colors of the new KB24 gear since my KO8E gear would be obsolete.

After a few days, I got an email stating that the stuff for Wifey on the same order had shipped. Rechecked my order to find out why the order was broken: no update.

Three days later, I got another email stating that my order had been canceled, no reason stated. Called the CS phone# but did not have the time to spend all day chasing the order so I hung up and troffed-off an email.

Reply came stating that the items were out of stock until January. Pissed-off at the fact that these clowns running the store didn't have a real-time inventory management system.

Two weeks later, while trying to pay bills online, found out that my ca$h had not been credited to me.

This time, I called with the intention of speaking to a CS droid.

After a mercifully short wait, lady comes on. Very polite so I cannot dump on her. Trip this: when I ask about my refund, she said, "We do not automatically credit you the amount of the cancellation, you have to request it!"

I lost it then!

"Are you freakin' shittin' me?", I shouted!!!

She then informed me that she would hasten the refund back to my credit card.

Despite a log like this in his eye, the self-absorbed Dave keeps coming up with imperious pronouncements like fines on owners, dress codes, the new Coke basketball, and other crap in order to deflect our attention from the real problems.

Daffyd, feel free to perform recto-cranial de-insertion surgery on the staff at your firm's eponymous store, and set things right.

Also, outside the NBA where the those self-made gazilliomaires feel the need to have one of their servants order them around, you are not a macher.

Keep your opinion on everything else to yourself, OK, 'D'?

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