Monday, November 06, 2006

NTSB report on Feb 2, 2K5 accident at TEB

Sometimes, the truth is way stranger than fiction!

Jet runs off runway, and thankfully, no fatalities.

NTSB comes in to investigate and finds:

  1. Jet was loaded to capacity with passengers and crew.
  2. Jet was fully gassed
  3. Jet was overloaded!
  4. Pilots, get this, made no attempt to determine the plane's center of gravity in order to either lighten plane or redistribute weight.
  5. Captain (chief pilot) could not produce a log book of his flight record.
  6. Captain's record is suspect.
  7. 1st officer (co-pilot) is foreign national with a tourist visa.
  8. 1st officer has not completed certification tests to enable piloting in the US.

And that is just the tip. The ownership and licensure of the aircraft is another comedy of errors as well

  1. more, more, more here

I sincerely hope that criminal penalties are forthcoming!

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