Friday, November 17, 2006

Man shot waiting to buy PS3

Further signs that we do live in a truly bizarre world.

Some yobless dude is shot by some bonejackers while waiting in line at 3.15 am to purchase a PS3.

First off, nothing good ever happens in public at or around 3.00 am, a real witching hour for evil.

Secondly, you won't see me in the CPT, Bed-Sty, or Overtown waiting at any time of day for anything, especially a P-S-freakin'-3, OK?

Most importantly, don't these yum-yums have a job, or some revenue-bearing functionality in the real world?

PS3 my a$$!

CPT = Compton, CA
Bed-Sty = Bedford-Stuyvesant, NYC, NY
Overtown = Overtown, Miami, FL

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