Monday, October 02, 2006

Steroids, Bonds, Clemens, etc., etc.

Can a brotha' buy a break?

How do you think though, that brotha's around the US, even those that really, truly dislike Bonds must feel at this time?

Clemens juiced! (allegedly)


Pettitte juiced! (allegedly)


Tejeda juiced! (allegedly)


Thankfully there are still principled journalists out there, not alleged baseball 'purists' - rhymes with idiots!

One of those journalists is Bill Plaschke, of the Los Angeles Times.

In today's issue of the paper, Plaschke's column correctly reveals what is happening: that Clemens, Pettitte, Tejeda, et al will escape the type of scrutiny and scorn which is currently heaped on Bonds.

He makes visible heretofore unknown to me facts such as parallels in the careers of Bonds and Clemens, and their return to greatness from seeming declines in their physical beings.

Listening to sports talk radio today, the airwaves were mercifully free of callers tarring either of the stars allegedly juicing with the same brush as Bonds. On one show, the host announced that it would be premature to accuse Clemens since all the evidence wasn’t in.

This, the same moron who had been advocating that owners collude to keep Bonds out of baseball next season.


In my post here, I had cursed out all those ‘purists’.

Now I ask if they are racists as well!

Bill Plaschke's column is here.

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