Thursday, October 19, 2006

IE7 Release Party, San Francisco, CA

Last night, October 18, I had the good fortune to be invited to the IE7 Developer Release Party in San Francisco, California.

I met members of the IE7 team, including Dean Hachamovitch, Gary Schare, and Chris Wilson on Wednesday, Oct. 18 in San Francisco, which rocked! (Thanks, Kelsey & WagEd!)

Met a lot of interesting people including Steve Szaraz, Martin McKeay, Matthew Levine, Harry McCracken, Jeremiah Owyang, Bess Ho, etc.

The enthusiasm, and The Love for IE7 was palpable, and we gave due credit to the team for not only getting the browser out in record time, but for hiding the revolutionary complexities of IE7 behind the current UI, which is a slight upgrade of IE6.

I can only imagine how much pressure they were under. Both from the public and from within MSFT.

When the decision to resume IE development was made public, the view of the cognoscenti and all over the blogosphere was that Firefox had won, and that Microsoft needn’t even try.

Thank God, the IE Team did not listen. They have produced an excellent market-redefining product in an amazingly short period of time.

Dean and his crew, including my home gal, Uche, need to take a bow!

Guys, you did it

Respect, Y’all!

Martin has a podcast on his eponymous site, on the event. Yours truly, logroll, logroll, was in it as well.

Jeremiah Owyang is totally immersed in the Web, and has a text summary of the event here.

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