Monday, October 02, 2006

Et tu, McAfee?

All this time I thought McAfee would rise above the fray.

Alas, no!

Come to find out that Network Associates McAfee placed full page ads, in the form of an open letter in London's (UK) Financial Times.
The open letter, addressed to "Dear computer users around the world,", warns that Vista is likely to make security problems worse.

The letter says that the best defenders of Microsoft's operating systems have been third party developers and security firms. But for the first time with Vista Microsoft is stopping security companies accessing the "kernel" - the heart of its operating system.

The letter says: "For starters, customers should recognise that Microsoft is being completely unrealistic if, by locking security companies out of the kernel, it thinks hackers won't crack Vista's kernel. In fact, they already have...

"Microsoft's new approach is misguided in principle, bad for innovation and competion. Above all it is bad for users."

McAfee asks Microsoft to return to its previous collaborative approach.

Are you fucking kiddin' me?

You know more about the kernel than MSFT?

Homie, puhleese!

You all know where this is going next, don't you?

When the next earnings call for McAfee comes by, and projections and/or estimates are not met, we'll revisit.

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