Monday, October 16, 2006

Breaking News: Apple not worried about Zune!

So was Digital Research (CP/M) about MS-DOS

So was Lotus Development (Lotus 123) about Excel

So was Software Publishing Corp. (Harvard Graphics) about PowerPoint

So was WordPerfect (WordPerfect) about Word

So was Ashton-Tate (dBASE) about Access

So Was Aldus/Adobe (PageMaker) about Publisher

So was Novell (NetWare) about NT, now Windows Server.

So was IBM (OS/2) about Windows 95

So was Netscape (Netscape Navigator) about Internet Explorer

So was Lotus/IBM (Lotus Notes) about Exchange

(I'm trying to remember the other ostriches, and will edit this post as they come back to me.

Where are they now.........................

Jury is out on:

  1. MySpace vs. Windows Live Spaces
  2. PDF vs. XPS
  3. LAMP vs .NET; though recent research shows a lead.
  4. PS 3 vs Xbox 360
  5. YouTube vs Soapbox; new entrant still in beta.

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