Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lakers 114, Phoenix 106

What a niiiice start to the 2006/2007 NBA season for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even with KB24 on the bench along with Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm.

Even with Phoenix scoring 41 points in the first quarter on the way to a Lakers deficit of 19 points at that time.

However, 'D', as in defense, always wins. And a jump-shooting team cam only be relegated to the stands during the NBA finals.

Memo to Phoenix: Feel free to mix in some defense, and post play!

Name Min Reb Ast PF Pts
L Odom, F 44 13 6 3 34
A Bynum, C 24 9 5 2 18
L Walton, F 29 2 3 2 11
S Parker, G 36 6 7 2 9
S Vujacic, G 25 3 3 1 0

Name Min Reb Ast PF Pts
M Evans 29 4 0 3 17
B Cook 15 1 1 1 9
V Radmanovic 20 3 3 4 8
J Farmar 14 2 1 1 6
R Turiaf 3 0 1 0 2

Zune Dislike #1

It is not yet released but I know something I hate about Zune already: reloading my (new) Zune account with content from my current URGE account.

How pi$$ed am I going to be?

Three items would mitigate this problem for me:

  1. A larger catalog of songs than any other subscription service available today, especially the crucial DISCO and Ragga eras.
  2. A better PC interface than even the current URGE service.
  3. Music videos.

Still looking forward.....

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(Small) Kids & God

Off-Point, but:

While I was in Da' Basement, I decided, on one of the days I felt better, to try out the pressure washer I purchased to wash the whips eight, nine months ago. (Hey, I got around to it, didn't I?)

After hooking up the hoses and whatnot, I started spraying the cars, and out comes John to help me.

I turned the pressure the least powerful setting, gave him the nozzle and waited for him to either spray the car, or soak me.

What did he do?

He turned the water spray skywards.

"What are you doing?", I asked.

"I'm spraying God. I'm getting His clothes wet!"

Wifey & I looked at each other, I crossed myself - Roman Catholic upbringing, and looked at him in wonder.

Even an atheist wouldn't dare think that!

Kids. They really do love God.

Monday, October 30, 2006

In Da' Basement

Been in the basement for the past few - reports, then sick - so no blogging.

I'm back, still weak, but full of it vitriol, and ready to go!

What did Oracle say to RHAT?

Die! Die!! Die!!!

Oracle's decision to offer services for RHLinux to Oracle's customers at a 50% discount is nothing short of that!

Who would you rather trust with your system?

I thought so.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

IE7 Release Party, San Francisco, CA

Last night, October 18, I had the good fortune to be invited to the IE7 Developer Release Party in San Francisco, California.

I met members of the IE7 team, including Dean Hachamovitch, Gary Schare, and Chris Wilson on Wednesday, Oct. 18 in San Francisco, which rocked! (Thanks, Kelsey & WagEd!)

Met a lot of interesting people including Steve Szaraz, Martin McKeay, Matthew Levine, Harry McCracken, Jeremiah Owyang, Bess Ho, etc.

The enthusiasm, and The Love for IE7 was palpable, and we gave due credit to the team for not only getting the browser out in record time, but for hiding the revolutionary complexities of IE7 behind the current UI, which is a slight upgrade of IE6.

I can only imagine how much pressure they were under. Both from the public and from within MSFT.

When the decision to resume IE development was made public, the view of the cognoscenti and all over the blogosphere was that Firefox had won, and that Microsoft needn’t even try.

Thank God, the IE Team did not listen. They have produced an excellent market-redefining product in an amazingly short period of time.

Dean and his crew, including my home gal, Uche, need to take a bow!

Guys, you did it

Respect, Y’all!

Martin has a podcast on his eponymous site, www.mckeay.net on the event. Yours truly, logroll, logroll, was in it as well.

Jeremiah Owyang is totally immersed in the Web, and has a text summary of the event here.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Apple: We are upset with Windows for iPod virus!

From the Apple website:

Small Number of Video iPods Shipped With Windows Virus

We recently discovered that a small number - less than 1% - of the Video iPods available for purchase after September 12, 2006, left our contract manufacturer carrying the Windows RavMonE.exe virus. This known virus affects only Windows computers, and up to date anti-virus software which is included with most Windows computers should detect and remove it. So far we have seen less than 25 reports concerning this problem. The iPod nano, iPod shuffle and Mac OS X are not affected, and all Video iPods now shipping are virus free. As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, ......


Are you jokin'?

But for the fact that it (really) was on the Apple website, I would not have believed it!

What a bunch of fuckin' morons!

As a Windows evangelist, all I can say is Schadenfreude ist die schönste Freude (denn sie kommt von Herzen)

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Fox uses Windows Smartphone to 'videotape' news

While the event was totally unfortunate, this use of smartphones to record news events demonstrates the extensibility of the Windows Mobile platform.

And this is just the beginning.

The imagination boggles at what the next generation of Windows Mobile smartphones will bring to the table.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Breaking News: Apple not worried about Zune!

So was Digital Research (CP/M) about MS-DOS

So was Lotus Development (Lotus 123) about Excel

So was Software Publishing Corp. (Harvard Graphics) about PowerPoint

So was WordPerfect (WordPerfect) about Word

So was Ashton-Tate (dBASE) about Access

So Was Aldus/Adobe (PageMaker) about Publisher

So was Novell (NetWare) about NT, now Windows Server.

So was IBM (OS/2) about Windows 95

So was Netscape (Netscape Navigator) about Internet Explorer

So was Lotus/IBM (Lotus Notes) about Exchange

(I'm trying to remember the other ostriches, and will edit this post as they come back to me.

Where are they now.........................

Jury is out on:

  1. MySpace vs. Windows Live Spaces
  2. PDF vs. XPS
  3. LAMP vs .NET; though recent research shows a lead.
  4. PS 3 vs Xbox 360
  5. YouTube vs Soapbox; new entrant still in beta.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Vista on Track after all!

Now that it seems, despite the best intentions, and BTW, the worst job of prognosticating, of the Madamme Cleo wanna-be clones at Gartner*, that Vista™ will ship on time, leastways the revised schedule, how are you planning for it?

Try here for a synopsis of the Gartner piece, and some linke to news about it are below.




ZDNet Asia

*Since their visions don’t seem to be coming true, Gartner is now in full (re)visionary mode, asking clients not to install Vista until 2008, in order, I guess, to make that prediction sorta come true. Thankfully for them, I am not a client; else the Word of the Day would be R-E-F-U-N-D!Angry

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


In my post here, I remarked that we would revisit the McAfee 'open letter' to Microsoft regarding Vista if and when we got financial news.

Today, the president of McAfee got fired outright, and the CEO resigned. Over the options fraud that seems to be sweeping a lot of tech firms.

Well, while I do not work for Microsoft, I can imagine some of the troops gloating with thoughts like אין שמחה כשמחה לאיד

Not me!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ray Noorda, R.I.P.

Raymond J Noorda, former CEO of Novell, passed away yesterday.

He took a project, S-Net from a group of young programmers including Drew Major, and made it into the powerhouse Novell NetWare.

I made my first bones hawking Netware as my NOS of choice before we - thank God - moved to NT and the various flavors of Windows Server.

Ray Noorda was a true visionary, and had the best interests of partners at heart.

R.I.P. Ray.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Messed-up sports weekend!

First, my Yankees lost.

Then, Schumi's engine f*cked up at today's Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile Formula One race at the Suzuka International Racing Course in Japan.

To crown it all, those idiots at the NBA store messed up my order for the new KB24 gear, so I will only have the gold for the start of the preseason.

What is next?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Kaspersky: Microsoft is not blocking rivals

Just as I thought!

Natalya Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of the eponymous Russian antivirus company, Kaspersky Lab, informed Reuters that Microsoft was still being as open as in the past with antivirus vendors.

This information completely and utterly derails the whining's of Symantec and McAfee.

After bungling all the goodwill established by past management regimes at their respective brands with the buying public, they now want the courts to assist them in competing.

Well, they have already lost in the Court of Public Opinion. Of course they may win in that farcical place called the EU Office of Competition - who knows WFT those tossers are about, anyways!

What a bunch of wussies!

Earlier posts here and here.

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Build 5744 is released

Windows Vista beta Build 5744 has been released to the TAP community.


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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Can Zune Do it?

In The Hive today, a member posed a question on the chances of Zune.

The following is my answer to the question.

Good question.

However, it is customary to attribute the origins of quotes to their authors, in this case, Andrew Orlowski in The Register here.

Back to it, and these are off the cuff:

• Soviet-style industrial design? How?

o Hardware: I don’t see many degrees of separation from any of the iPods. Actually, the screen is larger and better. This is an initial product building on the best aspects of the market leader, the iPod, whose design has revealed a form factor that is acceptable. While I hated the design initially, I realized, after giving it more thought, that familiarity and/or conformity with the market leader is required for the initial launch of the project. It would have been easy for Zune to be an esoteric design a la the Bang & Olufsen MP3 player, but why? Such a design, while eliciting a lot of oohs and aahs from the public would have meant death in the retail market for a heretofore-unknown entrant in that space. This design is right in that regards for an initial device. As the Zune becomes more of a force, then more exotic designs can be delivered. A good example is the Xbox->Xbox 360 evolution.

o Software: navigation, from what I can ascertain from pictures released is much more intuitive. Moreover, I own three iPods.

• “…and surely not from gimmicks such as disappearing, time-bombed songs. Or the fact it brings another incompatible DRM scheme to the public…” There isn’t a new DRM platform on the Zune, period. The songs do not disappear. Read here.

• “….while it may do more than the iPod, unless it does the basics very well or better, it'll suffer the same fate as Microsoft's phones.” If you’re familiar with Microsoft’s platform strategy, you would know that these products, while appealing to gadget-heads primarily, are used as reference designs to seed a market. When direction, and price points, have been established, Microsoft correctly exits the space so those who display better capabilities in that space get to continue along the lines they (Microsoft) drew with their reference designs.

Furthermore, Zune is not just a product, it is a platform. The seed about to be sown with this initial product is sure to germinate as a result of the weight of responsibility behind it: making sure Microsoft does not cede the PMC space to Apple, which, do doubt, would like to use the iPod/iTunes platform as an entrepoint into the digital home.

Have no fear – actually, as AppleFan, have a lot of fear- Microsoft has entered the market with a hardware/software/services solution and is here to stay!

$0.02 USD.

Finally, this is a shout out to The Beekeeper that we do need hands-on experience with the products in order to debunk myths and concerns of the public on forthcoming products. I also nominate myself.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Steroids, Bonds, Clemens, etc., etc.

Can a brotha' buy a break?

How do you think though, that brotha's around the US, even those that really, truly dislike Bonds must feel at this time?

Clemens juiced! (allegedly)


Pettitte juiced! (allegedly)


Tejeda juiced! (allegedly)


Thankfully there are still principled journalists out there, not alleged baseball 'purists' - rhymes with idiots!

One of those journalists is Bill Plaschke, of the Los Angeles Times.

In today's issue of the paper, Plaschke's column correctly reveals what is happening: that Clemens, Pettitte, Tejeda, et al will escape the type of scrutiny and scorn which is currently heaped on Bonds.

He makes visible heretofore unknown to me facts such as parallels in the careers of Bonds and Clemens, and their return to greatness from seeming declines in their physical beings.

Listening to sports talk radio today, the airwaves were mercifully free of callers tarring either of the stars allegedly juicing with the same brush as Bonds. On one show, the host announced that it would be premature to accuse Clemens since all the evidence wasn’t in.

This, the same moron who had been advocating that owners collude to keep Bonds out of baseball next season.


In my post here, I had cursed out all those ‘purists’.

Now I ask if they are racists as well!

Bill Plaschke's column is here.

Et tu, McAfee?

All this time I thought McAfee would rise above the fray.

Alas, no!

Come to find out that Network Associates McAfee placed full page ads, in the form of an open letter in London's (UK) Financial Times.
The open letter, addressed to "Dear computer users around the world,", warns that Vista is likely to make security problems worse.

The letter says that the best defenders of Microsoft's operating systems have been third party developers and security firms. But for the first time with Vista Microsoft is stopping security companies accessing the "kernel" - the heart of its operating system.

The letter says: "For starters, customers should recognise that Microsoft is being completely unrealistic if, by locking security companies out of the kernel, it thinks hackers won't crack Vista's kernel. In fact, they already have...

"Microsoft's new approach is misguided in principle, bad for innovation and competion. Above all it is bad for users."

McAfee asks Microsoft to return to its previous collaborative approach.

Are you fucking kiddin' me?

You know more about the kernel than MSFT?

Homie, puhleese!

You all know where this is going next, don't you?

When the next earnings call for McAfee comes by, and projections and/or estimates are not met, we'll revisit.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Schumi Wins at SIC, China

At the Shanghai International Circuit today, Michael Schumacher won his seventh race of the 2006 Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile Formula One season.

With this race, the antepenultimate in his career, Michael ties that guy from Renault with 116 points for the season.

As I blogged about here, the season wasn't a sprint, despite the mode of conveyance used, but a marathon.

And who best to win such a marathon but the best driver in the world?